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The Tiny Bird story

Based on the Dorset coast, Tiny Bird Textiles is Ailsa Wilson (hey, that's me!), a forty-something, mother of two, who on account of going grey, could not wait another day to get back to her original love; colour, pattern, design and textiles. Tiny Bird Textiles specialises in beautiful and useful things for the home; cushions, table runners, home décor accessories, mugs, table mats.

With a long held vision and passion to start my own textile design business, I seized my opportunity. I acquired a retired 1950's beach hut. I converted it into a studio (it broke my heart but I had to take the bar out!). I built a print table and with sketch book in one hand, business plan in the other, started the work of breathing life into Tiny Bird Textiles.

love retro, vintage, quirky, Midcentury Modern, Scandinavian style, but my real inspiration comes from the natural world and the patterns it creates. I love nothing more than finding inspiration in quirky and unexpected places. Turning an easily overlooked detail of ordinary daily life into a beautiful pattern. There has to be a quality about them that does more than just catch my eye; intriguing, textural, mysterious, colourful, hint at a story beneath. All designs are original and naturally inspired, the elements of which are distilled down to create strong, bold and simple lines. Designs have originated from doodles in meetings with accountants, trees, leaves, vegetables, chalk streams and small children with hole-punches and scissors. They are joyously colourful, vibrant and graphic and demonstrate that embracing colour (even just a little) can be life enhancing.

Life is too short for dull. Choose to live it well, doing what you love with the people you love (and get some colour on your couch!).

Welcome, I hope my designs and colours make you smile and brighten your day!