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Oak Tree Collection

Let me introduce my Oak Tree Collection. I confess, this design started life as doodle. I should have been paying attention in a meeting in my old life, but my mind was up a tree... 

Drawn absent-mindedly thinking of where I'd rather be, as a PowerPoint rolled on by, I ripped it out and stuck into my sketch book that I used as an escape back to my old creative life. It was one of the first designs I worked on when I went back to art college at Arts University Bournemouth. The strong, bold colours and graphic lines are very reminiscent of Scandinavian and MidCentury style and would look right at home in one of George Clarke or Kevin McCould's interiors. The design evolved into a range of cushions and table runners, a set of mugs and table mats and coasters and a sweet little block printed card with twinkly bits.